Tips for Getting Toned Without Weights

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For some people, the idea of lifting heavy weights or ‘pumping iron’ down at the local gym with all the wannabe Schwarzeneggers is not their cup of tea. Here we are going to discuss some tips for getting toned without weights as many people still want a way of getting in shape without home equipment or a gym membership. The idea of getting in peak shape and optimal fitness at home is a very attractive proposition. Here, we will discuss the best way to go about doing this.

One of the most important things that will determine your success whether you train in a gym, a park or at home is mindset. How you mentally approach your training and diet is what will see you through to your end goal. It is important that you understand that this fitness journey is going to take time and you will not get those Abs of your dreams overnight. If your ‘why’ is strong enough then this will see you through the tough times, because you WILL bump into them. It’s also good to think long term. By this, I mean not  to just think about vanity and aesthetics, but also about the longevity and health that you will gain when you begin eating and training for that toned body; with or without weights. So get ready to knuckle down and and get ready to work for it.

I have said it before here at The Muscle Expert, but I will say it again for clarity and also for the guys gals that have just joined us…

Diet Diet and Diet…

getting toned without weights diet 1

That’s right Diet! Your diet will account for about 80%-90% of the result you will get. Nutrition is so important for getting lean, and if your looking to get ripped without weights, with weights, by swimming or however; you MUST clean up your diet first. Now you don’t need a gym to clean up your diet. This can be done at home. So, sorting out what you put in your mouth every time you eat should be your top priority! Lets go into a bit more of the details on this particular topic then. I have covered specific diets and advanced eating protocols (such as Keto Diet and Fasting) in more depth in other articles. However I will cover the basics here.

Cut the Sugar!

The first thingyou will need to do with regards to your diet is drastically cut down on thesugar and alcohol. Sugar and alcohol are two of the worst substances in theworld for not only fat gain, but also general health.

Sugar massively spikes your Insulin levels in your body which is a fat storage hormone. As soon as you consume sugar, your Insulin goes way high in your blood stream and this in turn tells your body to store fat. To begin with, cut out sugary treats such as cookies, candy and cakes etc and keep them just for what they should be… a rare treat.

Cut The Booze!

getting toned without weights beer 1

Alcohol is quite literally a poison and is toxic to the body. When you ingest it (quite often in large quantities at that family wedding etc), your body panics and tries to get the toxin out of the body as quickly as possible.

Now, alcohol is also an energy source but not an efficient one, so when you drink it, your body stops burning fat, it stops metabolizing other nutrients in your system and it focuses on getting that alcohol out of your system ASAP! So when you consume alcohol you are quite literally putting the breaks on your fat burning efforts, not to mention damaging your liver, aging your body faster and imparing your bran’s cognitive function!

So now you have dealt with the two most urgent dietary issues that most people have, we need to get more focused and push even harder with our efforts. Remember, nutrition doesn’t require an expensive gym membership, or that latest Ab gadget that you bought off the late night shopping channel after a bottle and a half of wine.

You also want to focus on eating enough protein to support your muscle repair and building whilst reducing your Carbohydrate intake by a significant amount. Remember what I was saying about sugar and Insulin? Well, it turns out that Carbs also get turned into a form of sugar called Glucose in the body and this also spikes the heck out of your fat storage hormone! Therefore you want to try to massively reduce how much starch and wheat based foods you eat. These are foods such as;

  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Chips
  • Fries
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Pastries etc…

Depressing stuff right? Well sadly this is the exact reason why most people are not walking around with 8 Pack Abs! It takes work, effort and discipline, but it sure is worth it!

So with all the mindset and diet components covered, let’s get into the workout aspects of getting toned without weights, tacky Ab gadgets or a gym membership. For this section we are going to focus on exercises that requires nothing more than your own body.

Exercises for Developing the Core and Getting Toned

pull up 1

The most effective exercises for getting in shape without equipment will be exercises that work large muscle groups, involve short bursts of high intensity cardio and movements that develop your core strength. Below is a list of perfect exercises that you can perform at home in front of the television. Try performing each exercise for 1 minute before moving onto the next one. At the end of the circuit, take two minutes rest and the go through it again for another 2 times. Here is the routine (you will need a jump/skipping rope and a pull up bar);

  • Press Ups
  • Squats
  • Jump/Skipping Rope
  • Pull Ups (with pull up bar)
  • Burpees
  • Plank
  • Running On the Spot (knees high) as fast as you can. 100% Effort!

Repeat the circuit another 2 times. If you perform this routine 5-6 days a week combined with a clean diet as discussed earlier, then you will see drastic results in a fairly short period of time.

I would like to now show you a bonus exercise which is very effective for flattening your Abs and which was made popular by Tim Ferriss in his book, ‘The 4 Hour Body’.

This exercise has a very strange name but don’t let that put you off! It is very effective. It is called ‘The Cat Vomit’! Watch the video below to learn how to perform it.

Finally in this article, I would like to discuss Calisthenics. This is a more advanced workout strategy and you will need to start at a very basic level and work up. However, if you are looking at getting ripped without weights in the traditional sense, then Calisthenics could be the answer for you. In fact, many Calisthenics practitioners claim that if is actually far more effective than weight training for getting ripped and toned.

getting toned without weights

Calisthenics involves lifting, carrying, moving and holding your body weight (see image on the left). The exercise usually involves the use of bars or rings etc. The main reason that Calisthenics is so effective for getting in shape is that the exercise engages the vast majority of the muscles in your body at the same time, especially the core which is vital for developing that all important 6 Pack. Of course, diet is still the number 1 factor determining how toned or ‘shredded’ one will become. However, the shear amount of calories that one burns whilst performing Calisthenics is massive. With this activity as your choice of workout, you are guaranteed to tone and build muscle, boost metabolism and burn fat. As stated it is an advanced exercise strategy and you may need to go to the gym to use the required equipment if you don’t have enough room at home with your pull up bar. I promise you that the payoff will be worth it though.

That concludes today’s post and I hope you have found it useful. As always, diet comes first and foremost for optimal results. However, I hope that some of the exercise ideas I have given here will help break your routine from the weights room if you feel like you need to change things up.

Happy Training!

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