The Top 5 Upper Ab Exercises

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Getting a flat stomach is a dream of most of the men and women. I bet, the ones who dreamt of having a flat abdomen have tried all those creepy diet plans and every tip to reduce their belly fat, yet they are still wondering how to get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

Thanks to gym trainers who have introduced the upper ab exercises that are great and necessary for people who once only dreamed of having a flat stomach.

But a fact that is important to note here is, for a flat stomach, only the upper ab exercises will not work. You need a variety of muscle workouts for the flat stomach that targets all your abs muscles.

So, training only one section will literally make your body look saggy and your stomach unsymmetrical. So, there is a need for proper exercises that will help you equally strengthen all the parts of the body while making your upper abs more toned up.

In this regard, there are some really useful upper ab exercises that can bring quick results without making your body look unsymmetrical.

The Best 5 Upper Ab Exercises That You can try at Home:

Ready to learn the best 5 upper abdominal exercises? Fasten your seat belts as you are going to experience the miracle-gro to overpower your rectus abdominis and upper abs with these 5amazing and easy workouts:

#1: Wide-Leg Cross Sit Ups:

This is one of the most powerful exercises to strengthen your upper abdominal muscles. This kind of exercise is famous for getting faster results, it is the easiest workout that you can do anywhere and anytime. For this, all you need to do is lie straight on the ground with your legs spread out wide.

Then you need to strongly contract your core, raise your chest and touch your left one with your right hand. Then return to the bottom, extend your arms long over your head and stretch out your core. Repeat this motion as many times as you can by continuing to alternate left, middle and right.

#2: Cable Crunches:

This one is not one that you can try at home, but this cable crunch workout is counted to be the most effective workout for strengthening the upper abs. This exercise is a full length movement and also trains the lower back. All you need to do is kneel below a pulley that contains an attachment of the rope.

Grab a cable rope with your hands and continue grabbing it until your hands face your face. With the hips stationary, you need to flex your waist as you contract your abs making sure that the tension remains constant on your abs. Slowly return to the constant position as you inhale.

#3: Ab Sprinters:

This one is rather hard yet very efficient to train the upper abdominal muscles. For this, you need to lie straight on a flat surface with your arms by your side. Then you need to strongly contract your core and then raise your trunk along with your right and left arm.

Then return to the ground as you were in the previous position and repeat the motion for the opposite side with knee in front of your trunk. The working tip here is that you need to keep your back straight and focus on your abs to make this workout effective.

#4: Swiss Ball Crunches:

Another amazing yet strenuous ab workout is the Swiss ball crunch that focuses on your upper rectus abdominis. All you need is a Swiss ball and yourself. Just lie on the Swiss ball with your lower middle back firmly and place your hands behind your head while grabbing it.

Slowly extend backward and then powerfully crunch upward while squeezing your upper abs and hold there for few seconds. Repeat the movement several times with steady moves without letting your back touch the ball.

#5: Ab V-Ups:

This workout will exercise both your upper and lower abs without making your body look saggy. All you need to do is lie on the floor straight with arms overhead and legs straight out. Simultaneously raise your legs off the ground and crunch your upper abs forming a V with your legs.

Touch your toes and slowly return to the back and maintain a strong posture throughout. Once you are used to the move, increase the difficulty by holding a medicine ball or light dumbbell.

With these exercises, I am sure that you will be able to strengthen your upper muscle abs within a few days. You can also try abs protocols like Specforce Abs to get your dream body without any hassle.

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