Specforce Abs Handbook: The Most Versatile Abs Training Manual for Beginners

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Are you an exceedingly health-conscious individual who is at his or her wits’ end in trying to get rid of the mulish fat layered around your waist? Are you someone who has tried relentlessly been through innumerable training programs to develop a perfectly chiseled physique with six pack abs but in vain?

For somebody completely disillusioned with conventional muscle toning and bodybuilding workout plans, the Specforce Abs Handbook might come across as just another run-of-the-mill calisthenics handbook.

However, cast aside your skepticisms for one more time to flip through the pages of the Specforce Abs Handbook and you can bet you’ll be rewarded with a never-before experience. This muscle building manual is the handiwork of a former SWAT team leader and practicing fitness specialist-cum-consultant, Todd Lamb.

Todd has helped countless men and women, including celebrities, to work their way to create well-toned bodies typified by a washboard abdomen.

Todd Lamb, while he was undergoing training for Special Ops felt instinctively that 5 distinct instructions could help anybody torch excessive belly fat more effectively and quickly than most traditional exercise programs.

These 5 particular bodybuilding facets that Lamb imbibed during his SWAT training days would eventually form the crux of his Specforce Abs manual.

Salient Features of the Specforce Abs Handbook

The Specforce Abs Handbook steers clear of the mundane workout programs that do more harm than good causing you to age faster, accentuates your potbellied appearance, and weakens your lower back. At the heart of the aerobics manual is a 5-stage muscle strengthening program that enables you to build up a lissome figure highlighted by six pack abs:-

  • Abdominal armoring:-This is the first stage where you work around your midsection to stiffen it appropriately so that the same serves as the pivotal armor for shaping the rest of the body.
  • Asset stacking:-At this stage, the core abdominal muscles comprising the Obliques, Rectus, and Posterior Chain are honed that’ll ultimately help you to brandish six pack abs.
  • Fixed Angle Contraction:-Muscle development is accelerated by sharpening up the various muscle fibers.
  • TQ Work Ups:-At this juncture, you go all out to activate the maximum number of muscular fibers.
  • Strategic Target Selection:-Comprises of exercises to leverage gains from the previous steps resulting in holistic muscle development.

The Salient Pros

  • The 5 step-by-step tips for strength training and muscle toning completely eschew the tedious and mediocre conventional bodybuilding programs which eventually prove to be ineffective
  • The workout program subdivided into a series of steps are scientifically integrated enabling you to take optimum advantage of the plan without getting overstressed
  • Todd himself followed the tactical and realistic techniques for shaping his physique which serves as a perfect instance that you too can have six pack abs provided you stick to the plan
  • Since the outcome or benefit from each step is noticeable and can be taken stock of, you know when it’s time to graduate to the subsequent level or stage
  • The aerobics guidelines outlined in the Specforce Abs Handbook can be followed by both men and women


  • No training footages-There is a time-honored Chinese proverb that ‘a picture is better than a thousand words’. So imagine the convenience of viewing moving images or videos in other words. Uploading a fitness training video renders the exercising procedure simpler.
  • Absence of a manual in physical form will be felt despite the fact you can go through the PDF format of the guidebook straightaway following payment
  • The mechanisms highlighted in the manual are neither miraculous nor extraordinary in nature letting you develop six pack abs effortlessly

An In-Depth Review

The Specforce Abs Handbook authored by Todd Lamb is a no-frills instructional manual that lays stress on bodybuilding basics in a very unconventional yet practical manner.

On one hand, the digital booklet lays bare the grave risks of following a traditional workout regimen. And on the other, it emphasizes on the effectiveness of molding the core abdominal muscles-Rectus Abdominis, the Posterior Chain, and Obliques, collectively referred to as Fields of Action by Todd.

According to Lamb, it is very crucial to protect your back, especially the lower back, and maintain your natural posture while training to melt excessive belly fat and build up six-pack abs.

Majority of the conventional calisthenics programs cause one to age prematurely, lead to disc damage in the spinal cord, and make you appear plumper. Todd’s manual is all about shaping the abs in a 360° manner so that it evolves into a bulletproof platform around which you work on the rest of the body.

Working out in this way not only helps in chiseling the muscles but also keeps pressure off of the lower back once abs are fully toned. You flip the first few pages of the digital manual and go directly to the sixth page where the Recon section is elucidated.

In the first week, you follow the Recon guidelines and experience the results firsthand. After six weeks you’ll have laid the foundation for creating those six pack abs you had always wanted to flaunt.

The Specforce Handbook vis-à-vis Other Strength Training Manuals

The Specforce Manual by Todd Lamb compares favorably and competes keenly with the ‘Visual Impact Muscle Building’ guidebook authored by Rusty Moore. This fitness handbook which has won rave reviews from numerous bodybuilders and health specialists comprises of 15 chapters running into 75 pages.

Basically, the training program consists of 3 integrated stages requiring you to devote six-months in order to complete the plan.

Additionally, you’ll need to follow another set of muscle toning strategies (which you receive as bonus) after you’re through with the 3-stage plan outlined in the main handbook. You’ll also get a tome illustrated with demonstrations of exercises and other workout paraphernalia (printable exercises charts et al). One thing you’ll like is the aerobics videos that Moore has uploaded on his site.

Though the training methods and processes explained in the book are worth following, very few people may be in a position to spare six months to take advantage of the instructions.

The Specforce booklet needs you to dedicate 6 weeks to 2 months to achieve the desired results. Another volume that offers competition to Todd’s bodybuilding manual is Mike Geary’s ‘The Truth about Six Pack Abs’.

 The Verdict

Closing up, it can be inferred that there are countless mediocre abs training manual for beginners for strengthening your core muscles and developing six-pack abs.

Though it cannot be said with conviction that Todd Lamb’s Specforce Abs manual is the best of the bests’, it certainly is a workout guidebook worth it’s salt. So, you’ve nothing to lose but everything to gain by signing up to receive the Specforce Abs Handbook if you still believe that you can build a physique with six-pack abs.

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