Specforce Abs Handbook Offers Simple Exercises for Core Muscles

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Having troubles with that extra fat near your belly? Would you like to get rid of the pot belly which might have been embarrassing at times? You could be a man or a woman but the problem here is that you have been concerned about exercises for core muscles which are easy to adopt. Not every one of us is confident enough or have the time to hit a gym for getting a flat belly.

In such a scenario, it is better to take some time out on a daily basis and exercise to get back to shape. Specforce Abs Handbook for men and women is something that initiates to offer simple yet quick solutions for having six pack abs.

The author of the book is Todd Lamb who is a tactical fitness trainer. He has been part of a special military special ops training program where he learnt about exercises that could tone up a body effectively. As a professional trainer, he has helped several men and women including some popular celebrities to get a perfect belly to flaunt.

What does the book offer?

Speaking about the promises this handbook makes, itis a program that helps in the development of toned, flat and hard abs. Among the other features that form the basis of this book includes:

  • Based on Special Forces Core Training Secrets for a startling flat belly
  • Technically different and easier than the other abs training programs that often add inches to the waistline
  • Counters 3 major abs mistakes that men and women indulge in i.e. accelerated aging, bulging of pot belly and causing serious disc damages
  • As per scientific data about Spec Ops Abs Training program, it works 3 times faster than other available options
  • Primarily focused around 3 abdominal fields of action namely, Rectus Abdominis, The Obliques and The Posterior Chain
  • Abdominal Armoring, Asset Tracking, Fixed Angle Contraction, Tissue Quality Workups and strategic target selection are 5 different factors that remains the operational area for this program
  • Aims at offering quicker results in fastest possible time
  • Explains the importance of having flat abs and its consequences
  • Unique idea that delivers better results with age


The following are the advantages of the Specforce Abs eBook.

Result Oriented

The entire set of stages are focused around achieving specific results at the end of each week. The 5 factors are the basis of evaluating the progress an individual makes during the course of exercise. Moreover, it helps in analyzing if the entire plan is moving ahead in the desired manner.

Easy to understand language

The language that has been used to explain the entire set of processes are pretty simple to understand and implement. It comes with illustrative images too.

A single book for all

Both men and women of any age group can start performing these exercises to reap in the benefits. They are easy to do and are developed in a manner that ensures no muscle damage takes place.

Quick Results

The exercises are channelized in a manner where an individual can get the benefits in merely 6 weeks.

From the expert himself

Todd, who has personally undergone this training and has helped both commoners and celebrities to achieve great abs, has written the book based on his experience. Hence, with personal and practical knowledge, he is well aware of the issues as well as the things that have to be kept in mind when doing the entire set of advised activities.


Let’s have a look at the cons of the book.

Available in Digital Form

The book could have been made available in the printed form too. This would have ensured that people had physical access to the book and use them as and when needed.

No Video Tutorials

The other thing that could be included are the video tutorials. These would facilitate the readers to ensure they do the recommended exercises in the right manner.

What can you expect from Specforce Abs Handbook?

It can be termed as a no-frill instructional manual that lays more emphasis over an unconventional form of body building. The overall idea of the handbook is to offer something that avoids all the risks associated with the traditional workouts. With a key emphasis on molding the core abdominal muscles, the idea is to get quicker benefits in less period of time.

Keeping your back protected and maintaining a natural posture is very important and these exercises intend to do just that. It is a program that shapes up the abs in a 360° manner without any side-effects at all. Hence after the completion of the 6th week, you can be assured that you would have a flat belly and probably 6 pack abs to flaunt in style.

Other Exercises for Core Muscles ebooks vs. Specforce Abs Handbook

The two ebooks that are probably aimed at offering similar results include Laminated Body Ball Core Exercise Poster and The New Rules of Lifting for Abs. While the farther focuses around the use of the training ball and limits the exercises to ball oriented stretching, the latter focuses on tough exercises that are specially designed for men.

On the contrary, Specforce Abs Handbook is revolved around natural exercising methods which tends to shape up the abs by focusing on 5 distinct aspects of body training. Similarly, this handbook is equally effective and easy to adopt for both men and women.


After a thorough understanding about what the entire handbook aims at and the premise on which it has been based on, it is evident that the methods recommended are natural. There are no side effects and given the practical applicability, there is no restriction on age, gender or body type.

The only thing people need to ensure is to carefully go through the recommended processes by referring to the handbook at each stage.

Other than that the effective measures to evaluate the proceedings should referred to after completion of each week. The 5-factor model is based on military standards that make it a tried and tested method.

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