Six Pack Abs in 6 Weeks: Tangible Result in a Flash Moment

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Have you ever experienced this awkward moment of hiding your belly under the high-waist pants or baggy T-shirt? Be sure, this struggle unites a lot of people. And you know what unites them even much tighter? It is the unbearable desire to get a bulletproof six pack abs and attractive flat belly in the shortest term.

For this purpose, The Special Forces core training program will cement your six pack abs in 6 weeks without any excuses.

The Specforce abs program was developed by an ex-officer Todd Lamb on the basis of military training for S.W.A.T. units. It includes the fundamental components of building an athletic body for physical superiority over the enemy.

The Specforce abs program focuses on strengthening the core muscles in the body midsection, which performs important functions of flexion, balance, rotation, and even breath. Most often, if you want to build a relief torso and flat belly you need to perform prolonged exercises, which are designed for a long time and do not underpinned by any evidence of success.

On the contrary, the Specforce approach unveils military principles that will speed up your results three times faster compared to any other casual method.


The Specforce abs training is an all-encompassing program that shapes your midsection from every possible angle. The most distinguishing features of this approach include

  • Uniform involvement of all core muscles such asrectus abdominis (front midsection), obliques (midsection sides), and posterior chain (back midsection)
  • Special abdominal armoring technique stiffens the muscles
  • Brings all six abs packs in action at the same time
  • Uses fixed angle contraction to load the greatest number of muscle fibers at each attempt
  • Upgrades tissue quality after every work up to progress for the next level of program
  • Gives maximally precise exercise in the right time of your progression
  • Saves time due to gradual progress and timely increase of workload
  • Protects from injuries such as accelerated aging, belly protrusion, back pain, and disc damage due to the uniform use of all muscles


  • Ideal result for both men and women with the same exercises
  • Men will get a masculine V-shape body
  • Women will get a flat feminine belly
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Reduces training time to six weeks
  • Makes you work not harder but rather smarter
  • Eliminates exhausting fatigue, boredom, and the long duration of monotonous activities
  • All-around development of abdominal muscles


  • Does not address the issue of fat burning to make exercises easier
  • Absence of doctoral evidence of the real effectiveness of the program
  • Requires the execution of all steps with military clarity that may seem difficult to the average user


The Specforce abs program perfectly suits everyone who aspires to make their belly a real cause for pridein the shortest time. By following this program, you will be able to build an attractive and functional six pack abs in 6 weeks. Together with the Todd Lamb’s Ab Training Program you get Specforce Abs Handbook, and after first week of exercises you’ll feel the boost of energy in you core.

The Handbook includes only useful step-by-step guide without any fluff and will get you to the point right from the beginning. The entire program designed on real-life experience of elite forces and educate about what you can do wrong to avoid most widespread pitfalls on the way to the strong midsection.

Therefore, each stage of the Specforce training aims at the progressive development of all core muscles to build magnificent abs. With this program, you can forget about boring sit ups, crunches, and planks because in real practice these types of exercises could lead to additional inches around your stomach and even to injures.

In comparison to other abs training programs, the Specforce abs has its distinct advantages. This approach is already tested by many years of experience in training military units. And you know what, these guys know what a deadly physical asset is.

The program focuses on developing strong abdominals, obliques, and posterior chain muscles to provide a proper abdominal and trunk form and functions. The work ups equally fit both men and women of all ages.

This training methodology is grounded on the physiological function of the abs to craft a real sculptured art from your body. This approach allows you to avoid injuries, waste of time and effort, and also to ensure good health and well-being.


Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six-Pack and Eat This, Not That! for Abs are also promising the result for a similar time. These two techniques have certain advantages. The first is much more casual and softer, and the second one has a clear focus on nutrition and supplements.

Jillian Michaels provides yoga oriented exercises with additional weights. Unfortunately, this method can lead to injuries. A traumatic situation may result from the excessive load of additional weights. The second example of Eat This, Not That! can be defined as a nutritional guide that makes abs more noticeable by losing excess fat. It can work fine but will hardly make your abs strong and attractive.

The Specforce abs program beats the competitors as hard as S.W.A.T. commandos crush the bad guys with their physical superiority. The program strengthens your muscle fibers in a gradual manner by giving them a greater load when they are ready to take it. The author describes in detail the main five factors of bringing strong abs into the force.

The program shows that usual crunches have nothing in common with your abs, it’s all about abdominal armoring, asset stacking, fixed angle contraction, TQ work ups, and strategic target selection. The Specforce abs program is a perfect mix of well-mapped training techniques and also education materials on how to avoid dangerous effects of traditional abs approach.


The Specforce training is a whole system, which can make your midsection really tuned and hot. It helps to removea soft layer of belly fatto discover relief abs hiding there.This is a 360-degree approach that takes into account both the exercises sequence and the regime of their escalation.

The Specforce program is a clearly outlined manual on how to pursuit six pack abs in 6 weeks. The program is designed with special attention to the individual characteristics of both genders so it is the best suited approach for achieving athletic, flat, and well-defined six pack abs that you wish so hardly.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the Specforce abs training allows you to follow one system to gain a personalized result. People of any training levels and at any age can use this system. This training program will make your belly bulletproof and flat. Certainly, it will require your physical effort and dedication, but the result would not take long.

The physical shape of the Special Forces always causes admiration and desire to unravel their hidden enigma, and now you have every chance to try yourself in the role of an elite force and get abs of your dream, abs as a work of art and a deadly weapon.

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