How to Build Core Strength? Specforce Abs Handbook Offers Some Easy to Follow Methods

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Looking for ideas that could help you in building muscles naturally? Or you would like to adopt easy to follow methods to build core strength at your home? Whatever be the reason, the basic idea is to develop a great looking body and remain fit.

Specforce Abs Handbook offers a perfect set of techniques and steps to get answers to queries like how to build core strengths at home? The book has been written by Todd Lamb and is based on his own personal experience while working for a training program for the Special Ops. He has also been a trainer for several men and women which includes some well-known celebrities too.

The book features a 5 stage process which can be easily adopted by both men and women. These stages are well-explained in the book and can offer a natural way of building core strengths in your body. Presently Todd practices the profession of a fitness specialist cum-consultant.

If you got some extra muscles around your stomach, then this handbook is all you need to get back into shape and flaunt a six-pack abs. The total program spreads over 6 weeks and focuses on toning the abs along with other key body parts that usually accumulate excess fat.

Special Features of this handbook

For building core strength, it is essential that your body gets the right diet and you exercise rightly on a regular basis. Hitting the gym is certainly one of the choices, but it does come with its side-effects too. Hence, if you are planning to have 6 pack abs naturally, this book is for you.

Flat Abs Factor for abdominal armouring is the 1st stage that focusses around the creation of abdominal stiffness. Asset tracking being the next stage focuses around the front flexion and rectus where the training system shows an easy progression for naturally bringing the abs together.

In the next stage, known as fixed angle contraction, the handbook speaks about making the muscles shorter through Concentric Contractions. The next two stages are inclined towards tissue quality and the use of Electromyography that precisely involves exercises providing maximum muscle fibre activation.


  • Easy to follow steps: The entire handbook is divided into 6 subsections. These are not only explained in a simple language, but come with illustrative images too. Hence, it becomes a lot easier for a user to quickly understand and implement.
  • Real Life examples: Besides his own personal experience, the book relates to several real life situations while explaining the different stages. It offers related information for both men and women about the need of doing such training and how to get the most out of it.
  • Practical & Suitable Results: The stages are backed by key check points after each stage. Hence, when implemented, you have the option to keep a track of the developments at each stage.
  • Fit for all age groups: The most important benefit of Specforce Abs Handbook is its relevance that suits all age group. You could be in your early twenties or late 40s, the entire program can guarantee you great results.


  • No video tutorials: Although there are graphics that explain readers as for how an exercise should be done, video tutorials could have made it very effective by making sure steps are done correctly.

Making the most out of Specforce Abs Handbook

It is a 6-week training program that is based on the mission of less time training and quicker results. Implementing the stages won’t be painful, boring, or a group of dangerous exercises that you might have tried before.

The idea is to do the right exercises and derives the fastest results. It won’t ask you to go on and on with those endless crunches or practicing the pseudoscience workouts that can eventually put your health at risk.

The systems are devised in a manner that helps an individual in climbing back to the best shape through a set of injury proof process of building core strengths. The process massages the internal organs and supports the development of optimal health and body functions.

6 Week Specforce Abs Exercises vs. Other Ebooks

If you search for books on how to build core strength, you will be offered with more than required results on Google. There are a number of pretty effective guidebooks that help in staying healthy. The 90-Day Home Workout Plan by Dale L. Roberts offers a total body fitness program involving weight training, cardio and core strengthening exercises.

However, the ebook comprises of extensive workout plans and complex diet charts that might be a bit difficult to follow for common people. Similarly, the other book that closely comes in the same bracket of core strength exercises is the book named “The 15-Minute Standing Abs Workout Plan” by Dale L. Roberts.

It again involves the use of a complex set of exercises for firming and toning the midsection of the body. Therefore it is its simplicity along with the gradual processes that make it a better choice.


Specforce Abs Handbook is ideally a guideline that is based on the personal experiences of Todd himself. The overall exercises are spread over 6 weeks that come with key areas to check the progress after each stage.

He has advised these to several men and women which include some popular celebs as well. Based on the drastic results that the technique has offered, the handbook has grown in popularity.

Hence, being a natural and simple-to-follow program, the handbook is an ideal option for building core strengths in the body. It focuses on building flat abs and an effective workout would eventually help in building a six-pack at home too.

Lastly, the handbook explains 3 different risks associated with other traditional abs training programs and why they have been going wrong. It eventually helps people in relating to their problems and understanding the benefit they could derive from this 6-week workout.

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