How Six Pack Abs at Home? Specforce Abs!

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Wondering if you could get a six pack abs at your home? Yes, it is possible you need not hit the gym for getting the six pack abs to flaunt.

Not many would agree to this being a reality, but there are techniques and easy-to-follow guidelines that can help in making those abs look as appealing as you might think of. Yes, it does need some effort but a little dedication is all you need. Specforce Abs Handbook comes to your rescue and makes it easier for you.

The entire body building handbook has been developed by a former SWAT team leader named Todd Lamb. He is presently a fitness specialist com-consultant and has helped several men and women get a well-toned body.

With his experience during the training for special ops, he concluded that there are 5 different instructions that can work wonders for shaping flat abs. These instructions form the basis of this handbook that has been explained in a very easy to understand language.

Features of Specforce Abs Handbook

Hitting the gym does help in toning your body but it does come with its side-effects. These instructions are totally free of any side-effects and can accelerate the process of losing excess fats. Some features that make Specforce Abs Handbook pretty effective are:

  • Stage 1: Termed as abdominal armoring this stage stiffens the abs and forming the basis to start with the later stages. It largely focusses around the midsection of the abs besides shaping the other parts of the body.
  • Stage 2: This stage involves toning the abdominal muscles that comprise of a Posterior chain, rectus and Obliques.
  • Stage 3: It is called the fixed angle contraction where the development of muscles is accelerated by the sharpening of different muscle fibers.
  • Stage 4: It is an important juncture where the TQ work-ups help in activating a large amount of muscle fibers.
  • Stage 5: Known as strategic target selection, the stage involves exercises that leverage the gains achieved from the previous steps for an overall muscle development.

Each of these 5 stages revolve around development of a particular body part. The intensity or the impact of the training intensifies with each stage. Hence, it is a well-planned program that intends to offer results gradually.


  1. Easy to understand language and makes the conventional forms of bodybuilding process a lot easier
  2. Division of the processes in different steps makes it a step by step process to follow and gain the benefits gradually
  3. Extremely beneficial for people who are looking for cost-effective ways to workout at home
  4. Self-practiced and realistic techniques by Todd who has been behind toning bodies of several people that include celebrities too
  5. Each stage promises results which help the users evaluate the noticeable differences on their bodies
  6. Easy to adopt techniques for both men and women


  1. Although available in digital format, a physical release could have made it a lot easier to refer while working out
  2. Instructions being simple, video footages could have made it a lot easier for people to perform the exercises in the desired manner

Summarizing the Specforce Abs Handbook

Todd Lamb in his handbook lays emphasis on basics of bodybuilding and adopts an unconventional yet easy process. Being a natural method, the program keeps away any side-effects of the different forms of traditional workouts.

With core emphasis on molding important abdominal muscles, the overall development is derived from the core. There are a few things that Todd has mentioned in his books as precautions. Among them includes the aspect of taking care of the lower back and maintaining the right posture while training.

Unlike most programs that can lead to fatigue or over the burning of body fats, these steps are natural and impact in a channelized manner. Aspects of having a six packs abs are certainly the idea behind the book but it also ensures that the program does not damage the spinal cord or other body parts.

The initial weeks are pretty important and after completing the 6th week successfully, a person is all set to create those 6 pack abs with ease.

Comparing Specforce Abs HandbookAgainst Gym Exercises

There are a number of other handbooks by other experts which can equally do the work of getting flat toned abs at home. A book by Dale L. Roberts named An Ultimate Home Workout Plan Bundle offers a number of exercises that could be done at home. These exercises are intended to be an aggressive approach to getting 6 pack abs in a pretty quick time period.

However, the book offers more than a single approach that could be followed by the readers. Although, this is good but it may confuse the readers. Hence, Specforce Abs Handbook that offers a single program can make sure that people are clear about what exactly needs to be done and answer the question as for how six pack abs at Home is actually possible.

The other book that one may refer to is Bodybuilding at Home which has been authored by Craig Cecil. It offers exercises that can be followed at home. However, to do these exercises, readers would need to develop their own home gym which also needs a substantial investment.


Hence after going through the entire benefits, this book has on offer, it is pretty clear that the program is simple to follow and great benefits can be derived from it. The two books that have been compared with Specforce Abs Handbook are definitely useful but have their own flaws too.

Therefore, if you are looking for a book that offers easy to follow the program and a stage by stage process, Specforce Abs Handbook is the one to choose.It takes no extra efforts or arrangements from your end besides the efforts needed to complete the advised steps.

Also coming from a personality who has been successful in doing things himself or shaping bodies of famous celebrities, makes this a far more reliable book to consider.

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