Does Jumping Rope Build Muscle?

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When we think about building muscle, the first picture we have in our mind is heavy weight lifting in the gym – which might be quite intimidating for some. The good part is that we can show you some alternatives if you want to build muscle efficiently. Let’s have a look at the jump rope and whether or not it can help you improve your looks, while answering the question, does jumping rope build muscle?

Does jumping rope build muscle?

Long story short, yes. The jump rope can help you build muscle because it engages all of your muscles. This means that you will burn a lot of calories in a very short time, which helps you to tone your calves, improve lung capacity, increase your stamina level, and build muscle in your core. For an average-sized individual, the jump rope can help burn more than 10 calories per minute. Let’s have a more detailed look at how exactly the jump rope can help you build muscle.

Defining your abs

One of the main effects of exercising with a jump rope is its ability to burn a lot of calories compared to other types of exercises. In fact, it burns more calories than running or treadmill cardio – between 10 and 20 calories per minute, based on the intensity of the exercise. This means you can burn around 500 calories in half an hour, which is a significant amount if you are trying to lose belly fat and get some well-defined abs.

Building calf muscles

If you are concerned with how difficult it is to build the muscles in your legs, you probably are one of the many people who have spent months training them and still see no results. The good news is that the jump rope is much quicker and efficient at developing your leg muscles – especially if you do some single leg jumps, which will make your calf muscles look completely ripped in no time compared to other exercises.

Quick tricks for building muscle with a jump rope

The jump rope is quite versatile if you are creative. If not, here are some ideas of how to build your muscles quickly and simply with the jump rope.

Standard jump. All you need to do is grab the jump rope with your hands outstretched and jump, keeping your core (abs) engaged at all times. This will work out your abs and help you define them in no time, although you might notice that two minutes of consistent jumping will make you need a short break.

Crossovers for leg muscles. Although this one is also quite hard on all of your muscles (not just the ones in your legs), it is quite important for building your stamina and speed. Cross your arms to resemble an ‘X’ and jump through the loop.

Jump on one leg at a time to improve calf muscles. Do this exercise quickly so it resembles running. It will make you faster and more agile, and everyone will envy your well-defined leg muscles.

Double jumps for increased difficulty. Definitely not for starters but worth it later on, try to jump a bit higher and pass the rope under your legs twice before you hit the ground again.

For quicker muscle growth, use a weighted jump rope. It will be quite a challenge, but it will be extremely useful for losing weight and building strength and muscle. Some jump ropes come with extra weight in the handles or in the rope itself, but, whatever you choose, start with the lightest one and increase it gradually – you will start feeling the differences very soon.

Here are some ideas for jump rope training to build muscles, which will work best with a weighted jump rope:

  • Two minutes of basic jumps – maintain a normal pace, this step is more about the technique than speed.
  • Three sets of 10 reps of bench press.
  • Alternate two standard jumps with one ‘X’ (crossover) jump for two minutes.

Are there other advantages of using jump ropes?

Improve heart health

The jump rope also comes with health benefits that cannot be ignored. Jump rope exercises will improve your cardiovascular health, especially when you do some fast jumps in HIIT training. Moderate ones will be just as great for keeping heart diseases away.

Improves speed

Many sports find jumping rope to be extremely important, such as boxing and other sports where you need to be quick. This is because jumping rope helps you become faster and more alert, as well as improve hand-feet coordination, such as with the double jump described above.

High portability

Apart from losing weight and building muscle, jump ropes are preferred by many due to their many benefits. First, they are extremely portable, so you can exercise whenever you want, wherever you want. The jump rope is small and does not take up much space, and you can even take it with you on vacation for a quick workout. Additionally, the exercise itself does not require much space, so you can exercise anywhere. Also, you don’t even need much to warm up. All you need to do is take 5 minutes to warm up with some light jumps followed by some higher intensity ones.

Wrapping up

Overall, the jump rope is the best companion you can have when it comes to burning fat and building muscle. Although some might come across as skeptical over its benefits, the jump rope has always been part of the main training session for many athletes and it brings numerous advantages.

It is beneficial not only in terms of weight loss and building muscle but also to help you maintain good heart health. It is extremely versatile and engages all of your muscles, including your core, legs, and arms. Most importantly, you can take it anywhere with you and practice either indoors or outdoors. We believe that it is one of the most complex yet simple pieces of equipment you can have. On top of that, it is quite fun to exercise with the jump rope!

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