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What is the Best Low Impact Cardio For Fat Loss

Under Desk Workout Machines: Top Picks

So, you are a desk jockey with a full day desk job and no chance of getting some exercise. Your destination is one of the millions of others with an unfit and unhealthy lifestyle. With a full day’s work behind you and everything else going on, there is no chance for you to get to a workout session in the gym or to any fitness class – this is your life. But not anymore!

Best Ab Machine for Home Use – Top 5 Recommendations

In today’s modern age, where technology and computers heavily influence our daily lives, we may often realize that we are physically idle, whether we’re sitting by our office desk all day, sitting in our car during the drive home, or even laying on our couch the whole weekend. This low-activity lifestyle often leads us to neglect our physical health, as we go days with minimal to no exercise at all. In some cases, this can cause weight gain, which not only negatively affects our health, but our self-confidence as well.

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