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Is Ice Cream Good For Bulking?

Consuming ice cream is not good for bulking and building muscle mass. This is because the aforementioned food contains a large amount of sugar which causes fat gain, and and very little amount of protein which is essential for building muscle. On average, regular ice cream contains around 14-19g of sugar, 7-13g of fat, and […]

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How Important Is Cardio For Fat Loss?

Latest research has shown that any form of exercise will not help you burn fat as much as you may think. Of course exercise is great for overall health, but it isn’t actually that important for fat loss. In truth, exercise accounts for only a small amount of your total daily caloric burn. The greatest proportion […]

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Is Greek Yogurt Good for Bulking?

Is Greek yogurt good for building lean muscle? Yes, Greek yogurt can absolutely help you build muscle if it is consumed as part of a balanced and healthy diet. This is because Greek yogurt is rich in a type of protein called casein. Protein, in its various forms is vital for building an maintaining muscle mass. How […]

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