Can Anyone Get Six Pack Abs?

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Are you someone feeling discomfited because of your beer belly, mom pooch or muffin top (or whatever you’d like to call your potbelly abdomen) yet is fed-up with pushups, crunches, and other repetitive abs toning workouts? You could be an overweight middle-aged or young man or woman who has tried heart and soul to torch the excess flab around the waist and thighs for having a washboard abdomen.

However, all your efforts have been in vain as the traditional abs toning gadgets haven’t served the purpose or it could have been that you injured your back badly after trying strength training exercises at the local gym.

If you’re desirous of having a six-pack abs but feel that you’re too out of shape or old for abiding by a rigorous workout regimen, then you’re just one step away from having a well-toned physique. And no, you don’t need to perform backbreaking aerobics or calisthenics or lift barbells and do abdominal squats that might be a tad too exhausting leaving you overstressed.

All you have to do in order to flaunt a tummy that closely resembles a surfboard is to grab a copy of the Specforce Abs Handbook, flip to the sixth page, and bookmark this page.

Unique features of the Specforce Abs Handbook

When you open the Specforce Abs Handbook at page 6 you’re directly taken to the Recon stage or phase of the abs trimming program. You’ll soon realize that you’ve leapfrogged ahead (without jumping the gun) perfectly prepared to start from the heart of the plan. The Specforce Abs Handbook focuses on the following 5 facets for a perfectly flat and tough abs

  • Abdominal armoring™
  • Asset stacking™
  • Fixed angle contraction™
  • TQ work ups™
  • Strategic target selection™


  • Abdominal armoring promotes stiffness in abdominal muscles, obliques, and the posterior chain-the 3 separate abdominal action fields
  • Asset stacking stimulates the 3 abdominal action fields synergistically
  • Fixed angle contraction accelerates muscle development in a short time
  • TQ works up fortifies the tissue layers in abdominal action fields
  • Strategic target selection exploits EMG for focusing on workouts that trigger muscle fibers


  • The instructions in the Specforce Abs Handbook will not produce the desired results if you overeat or have high-calorie meals
  • Attempting to follow the tips without warming up will not bear fruit
  • You tend to run out of breath if you train via the Specforce approach without warming up first
  • You’ll need to drink an inordinately large quantity of water to prevent dehydration


These days there are so many ways and means (starting from nutritional supplements to dieting procedures to workout programs and everything in between) to melt fat around the abdomen and have a super-flat stomach.

In this respect, the Specforce Abs Handbook, which is the brainchild of Todd Lamb, would seem like just another run-off-the-mill manual focusing on how to have a razor-like abdomen.

However, if you free yourself from having a biased approach at least temporarily and care to turn the pages of this guide, you can bet that you may end up not only having a different opinion but who knows may be a washboard belly as well.

This attractive booklet not only walks you through a convenient and practical journey on how to develop an immaculately chiseled physique but also lays bare why traditional workout regimens don’t work for most.

You’ll discover in what ways you tend to lose by adhering to training programs that are unscientific and not planned methodically, for instance ageing is accelerated, back becomes hunched, and so on.

The 5-stage Specforce abs plan (outlined above) can be adopted by anybody regardless of age, training level (if someone is already enrolled in a workout program), and sex.

The effectiveness of the system is such that you get results in a short span of time provided you abide by the instructions in letter and spirit. The step-by-step lessons outlined in the handbook are so lucid that you won’t have to make any extra efforts for following these.

Comparison with two other products

Although there are innumerable how-to manuals, workbooks, and handbooks on abs toning only a handful of such guidebooks are worth leafing through for the purpose of torching unwanted flab from your stomach.

One such book is “The Handbook of Training Techniques” by Keven Arseneault that has outlined more than 150 exercising techniques. Kevin happens to be one of the most sought-after fitness experts in Canada who claims to have built his reputation by helping out countless men and women built a well-shaped physique with six-pack abs.

The book is meant both for beginners and bodybuilding specialists helping individuals to follow a workout regimen that is customized according to one’s fitness level and muscle building goals.

Though the handbook focuses on the exercises you need to perform for developing robust muscles in the shortest time span possible, it falls into the trap where you follow that self-same, set pattern of sets and reps. Then there is the “Fitness Hacker Handbook” (30 Lifestyle Hacks for a Healthier Life”) by Carolyn and Ryan.

The two of them have compiled together 30 of some of our favorite lifestyle hacks that have made our life healthier. While some hacks or tips are really worth following (like lifestyle hack #2 which recommends you the exact amount of water you should drink daily) others are just trite.


Summing up, it can be convincingly expressed that the Specforce Abs Handbook offers bang for the bucks as it lays down in a stepwise manner what exactly you need to do to have six-pack abs.

The best part is that the steps are easy to follow and you don’t need to be a bodybuilder or a fitness expert to take advantage of the instructions. If you place an online order for the above handbook, you receive a free gift. In case you’re not fully satisfied with the handy manual, you can claim for a full refund, no questions asked.

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