Bodybuilders Who Started Late In Life

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When are you too old to start bodybuilding? Have you missed the boat when it comes to building a significant amount of muscle mass and torching fat? Well, judging the the personalities I have featured in this article, it would appear that you can start at any time in life and reap the health and fitness rewards for years to come.

It is important to define what we mean by saying ‘started late’. For many pro bodybuilders, they started lifting in their teens or 20’s, but came to competition late. For others, they actually started lifting late as well.

It is important to note that building large amounts of new muscle mass is certainly easier when you are younger. This is mainly due to the fact that younger men have higher testosterone and human growth hormone level than older people.

Don’t let this put you off from getting into weightlifting at an older age though. You will still gain lots of benefits from doing so, no matter what age you are.

Old Age Bodybuilders

These guys stared bodybuilding in older age. which may not sound that old to us. Yet in many sporting disciplines, this would be considered to be ‘getting on a bit’. Especially when you look at the professional competitive world for any competitive sport.

Sam Bryant (aka Sonny)

This guy is an inspiration! Sonny He began lifting when he was 44 years old as a coping strategy to deal with personal problems in his life a that time. Needless to say, he got the bug and he hasn’t stopped pumping iron since. He is now 76, yet his physique would rival that of a pro competitor! In this video, Sonny explains how important mindset is when setting out to better yourself. According to Sonny, age is just a number. I think I agree!

Interesting fact: Sonny’s body weight is around 176 pounds, and he deadlifts 405 pounds!

“People have the misconception that age makes you old, but I realize that you know, it’s a state of mind that makes you old. Age is just a number, and it gives most people—the majority of people—a reason to be lazy and not do anything.”


Dr Jeffrey Life 

bodybuilders who started late in life

Dr Jeffrey Life is an 82 year old physician who was born in 1938 in the USA. He studied 

At his current age, it is safe to say that his physique is certainly impressive. However, he did come under some criticism when is was rumoured that Dr Life was using HGH and Cryogenic supplements to aid his results. This was despite him claiming in his 2014 bestseller ‘The Life Plan Diet’, that these results could be achieved through the diet alone. 

N.B. Always consult with your doctor or other healthcare professionals in relation to hormone optimisation, or for anything else medical for that matter. I am not a doctor, and the information in this article is for entertainment purposes only.

 Charles Eugster

Charles was another inspirational character. He was born in 1919 in London and sadly passed away in 2017 at the age of 98.

Although he did compete as a masters athlete when he was younger, he began a new fitness program at age 85. This was apparently after catching sight of himself in the mirror an not liking what he saw. 

Charles won many awards in both bodybuilding and rowing, and he truly sends out a message that age is never a barrier to sporting success. His Ted talk is something that I think is well worth the watch.

Why You Should Start Building Muscle Despite Your Age

“Better late than never”

A common phrase, but so true!

It’s never to late to start something new. This is certainly true for bodybuilding and keeping fit in general. Your vanity is not the only thing you should be concerned about when looking to start a new weight training program. 

Lifting weights not only helps you to build muscle mass, but is also improves your bone density, metabolic rate, quality of sleep, blood pressure and many other positive benefits as stated in an article at The bonus is that there certainly isn’t an age limit for getting started in the gym. In fact, any form of resistance training could be a secret weapon for long lasting youth and vitality.

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