Are Six Pack Abs Genetic?

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With the right nutrition and a fitness program, everyone can get six pack abs. However, it might be a little difficult for people who have medical metabolic issues, are obese or have excess skin that covers them.

In addition, some people find it easier to get six pack abs than others do. Studies show that one out of six people gain little or no benefit from exercise training to achieve the six-pack abs goal.

There is no clear right or wrong way to acquire six pack abs, but there are those that prove to be much more productive. However, some methods do not work totally, and it would do you good to avoid them.

As to the question, ‘Are six pack abs genetic?‘ Certain factors lead to the gaining of six pack, and so are their genetic factors that may limit or prevent people from getting six pack abs. The most common and effective method is a workout routine program.

If you have been wondering, are six pack abs genetic? Find out from the statistics

  • One out of six people in the general population are high responders to fitness programs and will acquire 25-50% benefits from fitness programs
  • One in three people are medium responders and can gain 15-25% from a fitness program
  • One of six people are low responders and can acquire 0-5% of a fitness program

All the three groups depend on genetics to gain the best of any fitness program, including the six pack abs. Your response to a fitness program is determined by genetic factors. Here is an example of a fitness program that will push you to your limit and therefore help you to determine whether your genetics allow you to get six pack abs or not.

How Can You Get Six Pack Abs Easily?

The SpecForce Abs is a workout program that will take you six weeks to get your dream six pack abs. The program can get you flat and defined abs that you desire within a very short time. The SpecForce Abs program is a tough exercise commonly done by military to gain strength as well as define the midsection of their body with flat six pack abs.

This program specifies the three abdominal areas of work that need to be worked on to get the six pack abs. Are six pack abs genetic? To find out, SpecForce Abs workout plan answers this question by pushing you to extreme considering your limit.

The first area of work is the Rectus Abdominis, which is the muscle that will define the structure of your six pack abs. This muscle is important as it stabilizes the body from extreme stretching and during movements. The SpecForce Abs trains this muscle to achieve a desired result.

The next area of work is the obliques, which are the muscles that define your waistline. The SpecForce Abs training program protects these muscles and open ways to abs training exercises that will get you desirable results in no time.

The third and final area of work that will get you six pack abs in just six weeks, according to the SpecForce Abs, is the Posterior Chain.

The Posterior Chain, which is the rear of your body and is efficient in the process of getting you desirable six pack abs. Your back binds the core together and leads you to achieve spinal neutral, which is a position of the SpecForce Abs program to get you six pack abs.

A combination of working on the three fields is sure to get you desirable results. You discover what is necessary to work on and therefore less time training and faster results is the trend. Nobody likes to stretch out their workout programs with no results.

The SpecForce Abs workout program helps you to deliver fat hard and defined abs in not more than six weeks. If at the end of the program you are unable to get the six pack abs, then you genes do not allow for it.

What Role Does Genetics Play to Obtain Six Pack Abs?

If you have been trying for a long time to get six pack abs to no avail, you might find yourself asking, ‘Are six pack abs genetic?’  There is that one friend whose abs are always tight and desirable, but you think to yourself that they do not work out as much as you do. Genetics has some extent of getting you six pack abs.

Genetics play a role in the shape of your abs and determining how hard it is to get the six pack abs. The six pack abs are visible for some people, but others are not due to their genetic predisposition of unwanted excess body fat.

Toning your abdominal muscles to get your six pack abs is impossible especially if your genetics work against it. If you are genetically prone to gain fat in your abdominal are, then you should go slow on the exercises and just try to be fit. You can achieve leaner arms and legs but gaining the six pack abs will just be impossible.

In addition to genetics, it has been proven that men get six pack abs faster than women do. For women, they have to strength train to fatigue. In addition, women who genetically have low fat get their six pack abs quicker.

However, excessively low fat for women is unhealthy. In the case of women and abs, genetics help to determine how low they can go on fat and how much of lean muscle she can carry. These genetical factors vary from one woman to another.

Are Six Packs Genetic?

Nobody is born with six pack abs. They come after a lot of work and dedication. These two primary factors influence six pack abs. However, not everyone can lose fat and gain muscle at the same rate, and your genetics are a determiner of this factor. Also, the shape and the way that your muscles show are also determined by your genetics.

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