Are Mass Gainers Worth It?

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For many, the struggle with reaching their goal weight is shedding pounds. That’s what getting fit is all about, right? Getting thinner? Although most men and women who frequent the gym do aim to lose weight, there are those rare few who work hard to gain mass. These rare people are called “hard gainers” and are usually those who want to build stronger and bigger muscles, not just trim their body fat away.

Since there is a market for people who struggle to gain mass there are such things in the market called “mass gainers.” These are supplements that encourage quicker muscle recovery and rebuilding to create leaner, stronger, and bigger muscles. This is the secret of many bodybuilders on how they effectively gain bulk. But the question remains, are mass gainer worth it?

Before you go buying mass gainers in bulk it is important to understand what weight gainers are and how effective they are at increasing your weight. Here’s all you need to know to determine whether they are worth the hype or not.

Why You Pack On the Pounds

The reason we gain weight is because of the amount of calories that we take in on a daily basis. People who live active lifestyles, like gym rats and athletes, tend to burn up more calories, which results in weight loss. For those looking to bulk up, they need the extra amount of calories so that they don’t lose weight while still working out. This is where mass gainers come into play.

Typically you can find protein supplements and mass gainers at your local GNC. The difference between these two powders is the number of calories. Protein supplement contains a lot of protein, but not that very many calories. Mass gainers, on the other hand, have a large amount of protein and calories in every serving. This allows the body to gain weight and build muscles at the same time. Sounds like a good deal, right? But do they deliver what they promise and are mass gainer worth it?

Gaining Weight The Right Way

If you are simply talking about gaining weight without building muscle mass, then technically speaking mass gainers have the ability to increase your weight effectively. With the amount of calories they contain in one serving you can quickly gain weight by following the recommended dosage on the packaging. Sounds easy enough, but when you don’t have a clear understanding of how mass gainers work the weight you gain can be in fat and not in muscle mass.

Most people who turn to mass gainers to add bulk put in a lot of hard work and effort. You cannot build strong muscles by just drinking the supplement because there is no shortcut to getting lean and strong. The truth about mass gainers is that they are an easy way to take in a lot of calories, but what you do with those extra calories matters more than the actual supplement.

How to Maximize the Use of Mass Gainers

To benefit from a mass gainer without gaining fat in the process you have to put in the work. A serious and experienced weight lifter can easily process the nutrients in the supplement easily. This is because they continuously put their muscles under stress and engage in a lot of physical activity. Novice weight lifters or those who are just starting out shouldn’t take as many servings of the mass gainers as it can impede your process of growing muscles.

Here are the two main things you can control to help you reach your goal weight without adding fat:

Eat Healthy

People often think that when they are trying to gain weight while using mass gainers that they can eat whatever they want. You shouldn’t do this because then your body will take in more and more calories that you cannot burn. When using mass gainer, eat as healthy and clean as possible.

Train Hard

Always put in the hours at the gym or at weight lifting training. If you consume too many calories without putting them to use more fat will build up, not muscle.


To answer the question are mass gainer worth it? If you are serious about weight training then perhaps it is beneficial. If you are not, then stay clear from the supplement.

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