Abs Training Guide – Getting the Six Pack in 6 Weeks

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Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, struggling to reveal your flat as well as firm midsection or the set of ripped six pack, you are definitely not the only one. However, the abdominals are the one section of your body which seems particularly hard to shape up. The truth is that there are quite a lot of different misconceptions when it comes to it.

In fact, did you know that piling on those crunches and sit-ups is actually adding inches to your waistline? That’s right – they aren’t doing you any good in the manner that you are likely to train them.

The SpecForce Abs guide goes in details, explaining the things that you have to avoid as well as the things that you have to go through in order to get that dreamy 6-pack. Let’s have a look at some of the core principles that you have to consider when it comes to abs training factors. This abs training guide reveals the most important factors, such as:

  • Abdominal armoring
  • Fixed angle contraction
  • Asset stacking
  • Strategic target selection
  • TQ work-ups

All of these are going to ensure that your belly gets bullet proof when it comes to it. What is more, this abs training guide goes in depth explaining the importance of losing belly fat and its effect on your abdominal muscles.

There are quite a few things which are going to help you lose belly fat in case you’ve given in to the temptation and have allowed yourself to go loose on your diet.

There are different foods, which are going to attribute to the overall accumulation of fat in the area of your lower abdomen and when that happens the results are usually not visually pleasing. With this in mind, here are a few things that you need to take into account when you are taking up the challenge to get  that abs properly visible.

Common Misconceptions

The most common misconception is that starving yourself is going to help you lose belly fat. Now, the thing about not getting enough nutrition is that you are depriving your entire body of things, which are essential for its development.

By not eating you aren’t just losing weight from your belly – you are losing weight from your entire body. And, be careful here, you are not going to lose only fat – you are also burning substantial and much needed muscle mass.

Where Does That Leave You?

If you want to effectively lose belly fat, you need to go on a controlled and appropriate diet. Avoid harmful fats and sugars and make sure to consume foods, which are high on omega 3-fatty acids, carbohydrates and protein.

You can eat food such as beef, fish, and a wide range of nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs. Remember, if you want to lose belly fat you need a balanced diet, which won’t let you get hungry but it wouldn’t accumulate harmful fats as well.

Now that we’ve covered the importance of losing belly fat, the abs training guide will also pinpoint the fields of action that you need to emphasize on to strengthen your midsection.

The rectus abdominis

This is a very long muscle, which runs right from your rib cage to your pelvis. It is dissected vertically with a thin sheath made out of connective tissue as well as horizontally by specific tendinous attachments which are the main responsible components for your much wanted six pack.

However, it’s also important to note that this specific part of your abdominals is also assisting the spinal column to flex and it’s very important to stabilize your trunk during different movements. This is one of the main fields of emphasis in this abs training guide.

The obliques

There are both internal and external obliques which are designated to work like a corset which defines your own waistline. These are designed to cinch you up and to provide you the V-tapered as well as slim look of your waist.

The Posterior chain

This is basically the backside of your body and the primary muscles include your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, spinal erectors and your lower back. This is the component which is going to unlock the development of your abdominals and it is absolutely critical to make sure that you take it seriously.

It’s also particularly important to destroy another myth when it comes to working your abs. People tend to believe that men and women should train their abdominals differently. That is a significant and widespread misconception.

In fact, women and men can easily do the same exercises, especially when it comes to their abs. This is something that this abs training guide takes into serious consideration.

The truth is that woman’s body has an entirely different balance of the hormones in comparison to man’s body. This means that proper training is going to create silky and flat abdominal section – one that every woman dreams of. You will look gentle and sexy instead of muscular – something that a lot of women try to avoid.

In any case, the truth is that this abs training guide focuses on all of the aspects of developing your abdominal core. What is more, it shows significant and very effective short cuts to doing so in a shorter time span.

Instead of having to sweat in the gym for long months, you can have your six pack ready in no more than 6 weeks. Just think about it – in no more than 6 weeks you can proudly take off your shirt and dazzle everyone with your flawless 6-pack.

You will be capable of creating a bullet-proof core which is going to help you out in your overall gym endeavor – this is something that you need to account for as your abdominal region is integral and important for the overall development of your entire body. All this is possible through this abs training guide.

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