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5 Best Ab Equipment for Exercises That Work

Having abs like John Cena is one of the most envious things for men. Fortunately some are born with that killer body, while others have to work for it. There are guys who can invest in anything ranging from ab equipment to six pack diet plans, ab health regimens to supplements, to get mouth -watering […]

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Are Six Pack Abs Genetic?

With the right nutrition and a fitness program, everyone can get six pack abs. However, it might be a little difficult for people who have medical metabolic issues, are obese or have excess skin that covers them. In addition, some people find it easier to get six pack abs than others do. Studies show that […]

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Can Anyone Get Six Pack Abs?

Are you someone feeling discomfited because of your beer belly, mom pooch or muffin top (or whatever you’d like to call your potbelly abdomen) yet is fed-up with pushups, crunches, and other repetitive abs toning workouts? You could be an overweight middle-aged or young man or woman who has tried heart and soul to torch […]

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Six Pack Abs in 6 Weeks: Tangible Result in a Flash Moment

Have you ever experienced this awkward moment of hiding your belly under the high-waist pants or baggy T-shirt? Be sure, this struggle unites a lot of people. And you know what unites them even much tighter? It is the unbearable desire to get a bulletproof six pack abs and attractive flat belly in the shortest […]

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The Top 5 Upper Ab Exercises

Getting a flat stomach is a dream of most of the men and women. I bet, the ones who dreamt of having a flat abdomen have tried all those creepy diet plans and every tip to reduce their belly fat, yet they are still wondering how to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. Thanks […]

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